Consolidated Reinforcement Labs (CRILabs)

With the intent of providing our clients with fast and cost-effective design recommendations for slabs-on-ground, Consolidated Reinforcement LP started to offer geotechnical services especially oriented to the design of post-tension/rebar foundations. The services will encompass field and laboratory steps, culminating with final design recommendations to be used by our foundation engineers. Additional foundation types may be recommended based on our geotechnical investigation and extensive experience with foundation design.

Scope of Services

Field Work

Subsurface Exploration

Utilizing our in-house drilling equipment, a predetermined number of geotechnical borings are drilled to depths of up to approximately 15-20 feet. The final depth of each borehole may change by actual subsurface conditions and the final number of boreholes may change per geotechnical engineer site assessment.

Field Assessment

Drilling and sampling are in accordance with all current applicable ASTM and professional standards. Where clayey, cohesive soils are encountered, thin-walled tube samples are to be taken. Split-spoon samples are taken at representative strata. Samples are placed in sealed containers and labeled showing the boring number, sample number, sample depth, number of blows per six-inch increment required to drive the split spoon sampler, and sample recovery.


Condition of subsurface groundwater is monitored at the time of drilling.

Laboratory Work

Laboratory Testing

Based upon the results of the subsurface exploration program, a geotechnical laboratory testing program is established. For the expansive soil conditions normally encountered in Austin, the following tests are anticipated:

  1. Sieve Analysis;
  2. Atterberg Limit Determinations;
  3. Water Content Determinations.

Geotechnical Engineering Report

The results of the subsurface exploration and Laboratory testing program are Interpreted and summarized in a geotechnical engineering report. The engineering evaluation focuses on viable foundation types and provides engineering parameters for the design of the proposed foundations. The report may address a variety of foundation types including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Slab on Grade Foundation (Post-Tension or Rebar);
  2. Concrete Pier Foundations (on grade or suspended).

Design Assistance Services

Since CRILabs and Consolidated Reinforcement LP are sister companies, our engineers will work closely during preparation of engineering drawings and construction specifications. This service will insure that proper integration of the geotechnical requirements have been incorporated into the design and construction documents.

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