CR-LP Engineering offers a variety of Structural Design and Engineering Services which include:

Commercial and Industrial Structures Design, Analysis and Detailing
CR-LP provides structural engineering for slabs on grade, as well as reinforced or post-tensioned concrete, masonry, wood or structural steel. Structures will be designed in accordance with current building codes at affordable rates.

Custom Homes Design & Analysis
CR-LP is presently performing structural analysis and framing design for a variety of volume and custom builders in Texas. The scope of work includes floor and ceiling design, roof framing design, tall walls and wind bracing. International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) requirements are considered in all design stages.

Retaining Walls
CR-LP has designed cantilevered retaining walls using concrete and masonry. We also have extensive experience on the design on Gravity retaining walls (rock) and Geogrid wall systems.

Post-Tensioning Foundation Design
CR-LP has successfully designed (and installed) thousands of PT slabs on ground for many building type and soil condition. Our company has extensive experience on designs of slabs on ground on highly expansive clays.

We provide framing design services for steel and timber frames.

Slab Tek Slabs
CR-LP is now able to provide designs for structurally suspended foundation slabs system known  as “Slab Tek” slab. This foundation has no exterior or interior beams. The slab is supported using lifting devices on piers so that the slab does not touch the ground. This system allows us to design a slab that can be built in highly expansive soils, low bearing capacity soils or fill sites where the compaction or type of soil is questionable. This type of slab allows for a flatter and more level slab. This type of slab will also reduce warranty issues. Piers can be drilled concrete piers or engineered helical piers.

Post-Tension Shop Drawings for Commercial Construction
CR-LP provides highly efficient, reliable and high quality Post-tension shop drawings. The package also includes calculations for tendon elongations and friction losses.

Structural Analysis Report
Structural Analysis consists of applied physical laws and mathematics necessary to study and predicts the behavior of structures. We provide Linear and Nonlinear Structural Analysis, Structural Stability Analysis, etc.

Structural Calculations
CR-LP provides broad range of structural design calculation services that ranges from load determination (per latest ASCE 07 and IBC), structural components stresses and deflections. We provide Structural Engineering Calculations for specification of steel structural members, timber joists, roof joist, foundations, etc.

Benefits of using our Structural Design and Engineering Services:

  • Our team of engineers and designers has a sole goal to provide high quality structural engineering services.
  • While striving to provide high quality structural design, our team is conscious of our clients time and budget priorities. In full coordination with the owner, architect, and other consultants, CR-LP Engineering seeks a cost-effective solution for your engineering problem.
  • We can generate any complex structural design work as per your requirements and the entire project is handled in a professional way.
  • We have highly skilled professionals who can provide you consistent quality work in a given time frame.
  • Our structural design engineer team has been providing high-quality structural steel design, reinforced and post-tension concrete, as well as masonry and timber design.
  • We provide high quality work at reasonable prices.

Design Staff
The current staff at CR-LP Engineering of 10 employees consists of 2 registered professional engineers, 5 CAD drafter/designers, and 3 support staff. We have the most up to date software and engineering design tools. Our software include: PTI Slab; POSTEN Multistory, ADAPT Post Tensioned Software, AutoCAD, RISA Frame Analysis, ENERCALC and a variety of Designs Spreadsheets developed through years of experience. CR-LP has the ability to perform 3-Dimensional Analysis and Integrated Structural Design of single and multi-story structures.

National Registrations
We have Professional Engineering registrations in the following states: Florida, California, Arizona and Texas.

We are confident we will be able to provide you quality work at very reasonable price. Call us for your structural design and engineering services at (512) 251-1044 or email us at

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